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QR Codes - Explained

Even as a consumer, people are really getting used to seeing QR (Quick Response)  codes on packaging and stickers.  I have even seen one on a banana!  My point being, they are all the rage these days when it comes to marketing.  But why?

QR Codes are geared towards the generation of Smart Phone users.  There are numerous applications (Apps) available that can help you to scan a QR code and find out exactly what lies behind these magical pathways. 

QR Code Functionality

So what exactly can a QR code do exactly?  Originally, QR codes were used mostly to send a consumer to a mobile website that had more information about the product or perhaps send the consumer to a video about the company or product.  These are still great features but you have to make sure that you can track it in some way to find out exactly how beneficial it is.  One can actually create a QR code on many websites for free but the kicker is, you'll never know how many times it was scanned or who was using it.  Luckily, Proforma has answers and tools to help you with all of these things. 
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Nowadays you can have a QR Code do TONS of other functions like:

  • Give a map to your business (GPS through Smart Phones)
  • Have the phone call a business numbers
  • Send an Email with attachment
  • Have contests like: scavenger hunts, drawings, scan to win etc. 
  • Scan to Like a FaceBook page
  • Scan to Donate
  • And MANY MORE!!

Don't hesitate to ask us for more information and prices on QR Codes and Mobile sites.